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Hemsley Blog: GSI's ExtraGlaze®

What makes GSI Ceramica products unique? You won't believe what GSI's ExtraGlaze® can do to your sanitary wares. We put it to a pencil and ink test up against tradtional glazing system. Watch the link below.

ExtraGlaze® is a new ceramic glaze which by minimizing the formation of surface pores, makes the ceramic surfaces smoother, brighter and easily washable. This is applied to the products during the production cycle and prior to their firing. In this way, the new enamel is an integral part of the ceramic and its permanent effects.

The ExtraGlaze® properties reflect positively on environmental sustainability thanks to the use of a reduced amount of detergent and water during the cleaning routine operations.

Quality: Technically advanced ceramic sufaces, chemical resistant, smooth and shiny, which keep these characteristics unchanged in time.

Efficiency: Thanks to the extreme flatness of the surfaces, the water flows much easier, dramatically improving the rinsing and flushing operations.

Hygiene: The extreme micrometric flatness of the surfaces enormously reduces the accumulation of dirt and limestone, thereby ensuring an optimal cleaning and hygiene.

Sustainability: ExtraGlaze® allows a minor use of water and detergents during common cleaning.

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