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The Benefits of Turkish Bath / Steam - Effegibi's Perfect Wellness

Water equals health, including when it is in form of a cloud of steam enveloping the body. In far off days this secret was discovered by the Ancient Greeks and Romans who made Turkish Bath / Steam Bath a philosophy in life.

Benefits of Hammam / Steam

Improves blood circulation / cardiovascular health.

Research shows that using steam can help release hormones to change heart rate. It can help regulate blood pressure.

Promotes skin health.

Steam helps to deep cleanse skin and thorough purification. It also helps to make the skin softer more elastic skin with great glow.

Clears Congestion

Steam room warms mucous membrane and helps with good breathing. It can help with congestions. The heat helps to shift lingering cold symptoms decongesting the nose and chest.

Burns Calories

When you’re in a steam room, your heart rate rises. Fitness clubs usually offers steam and sauna to relax after a heavy workout, this prolongs elevated heart rate and extending calorie burning. Regular exercise and steam can help with weight loss.

Reduces stress.

Using steam can help to expel out toxins as the body hearts up in Turkish bath.

There is no good time to take Turkish bath or steam. A usual warming up should take from 15-20 minutes. You can enjoy aromatherapy using essential oils to reawaken, refresh and relax. Lights and music also have beneficial effects on your body and mind. Effegibi Perfect Wellness products are equipped with such features to maximize your rejuvenation.

For more information about Effegibi Perfect Wellness products; visit the link below or call +65 6337 3136.

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